Jan 16 • 17M

MLK Day & the 50th Anniversary of Roe v Wade

Reflections on gender and legacy during a significant week

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Becky Bullard
Pleasure activism, politics, feminine power, creative civic engagement, sexuality.
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(Correction: in this recording I said last year was the 48th anniversary of Roe v. Wade but it was the 49th.)

Text: Gender & Legacy. On this week's episode of "Voice Memos from a Pleasure Activist" with an image of a young Coretta Scott Kind in a red top and necklace smiling confidently. And a black and white photo of a young Sarah Weddington in a plaid blazer speaking confidently at a microphone.
Coretta Scott King and Sarah Weddington

Thank you for honoring these important foremothers of civil rights and bodily autonomy: Coretta Scott King and Sarah Weddington.

You can find my original “Legacy is a penis word” essay complete with photos here.

Join me at the Texan Feminist Throwdown Sunday, January 22 from 4-8pm at Distribution Hall in Austin! Tickets here.

Banner on blue and teal background. Text: The Texan Feminist Throwdown is a one-night benefit concert, paying homage to the resilience that led to Roe v. Wade and the power we still hold to shape the future.  Hosted on January 22, 2023—the 50th anniversary of Roe v. Wade—in Austin, Texas, The Throwdown will support three nonprofit orgs working toward a better Texas, alongside a lineup of bands, DJs and inspiring speakers.